Basics for Living Room Arrangements

Casa Recliners

From being a social hub for family get-together to an inviting place for entertaining guests, living rooms hold a very special place and remain central to everyone’s life.

While some go out to lavish extents, exquisitely decorate it and invest in expensive lighting like chandeliers,the placement of furniture is sometimes overlooked. The proper placement of a room’s furniture adds a certain finesse and complements the overall layout.



Want a welcoming ambiance but don’t want to compromise on luxury? Want large comfy cozy oversized seating, and want it to fill the whole room, try recliners. Recliners are sofas turned comfy for long hours of relaxation, enjoying those movie marathons and lazing around. But then don’t forget to leave enough spaces in between corners and exits so that people can easily swish past without facing any obstruction. For multiple doorways, draw straight lines parallel to the doorways across the room and leave that space to let people walk to tail-ends of the room easily.

Most of the homes are either best suited for L-shaped or 3-2-1/3-2-1-1/3-2/2-1-1 sets. You can choose sectionals for home to easily stretch your legs.

Lisse Recliners



Placing a console table with a table lamp or floor lamp add to the aura of your living rooms. You can experiment with the symmetry, put recliners face to face directly across one another. This would facilitate conversations because now people would sit direct across each other. If you are investing in a sectional recliner only, make the room feel fuller with the use of carpet and other accessories.You can also add ottomans or pillow poufs as the size of people in the living room grows.


Try and position your furniture with a focal point in mind. This could be your television or a centre table, which would then allow all the furniture to be angled to a single viewpoint. Remember if your kids will be playing X-Box or playstations, it would be a no-brainer to leave a lot of space spare for them to enjoy their recreational activity.

Livo Recliner


Needless to say a naturally well lit living room adds warmth to your place. Letting air and light flow would save a lot of electricity and keep you feeling cozy,calm and comfortable. Use these refreshing ideas and give your living room an contemporary look.


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